Our technicians are certified through NJPMA and NPMA in various categories including Core, 7a, 7b, 8b, 13 for both commercial and residential use.  Through these certifications, certified applicators are required to demonstrate at minimum mastery in the following areas:

  • Proper use of application equipment;
  • Hazards that may be involved in applying pesticides;
  • Instructions for mixing pesticides used in particular circumstances;
  • Protective clothing & safety equipment required during the handling & application of pesticides;
  • General precautions to be followed in the disposal of containers, as well as the cleaning and decontamination of equipment;
  • Applicable State/Federal pesticide laws & regulations;
  • Understand /correctly interpret label and labeling information;
  • Understand principles of Integrated Pest Management.

Commercial Pesticide Applicators are required to maintain their license by attending continuing education (recertification) courses and accumulating units of recertification credit.

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