Protect Your Pup From Bee Stings This Fall With These Quick Tips

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Many people think of bees as summer pests in NJ, but bees are quite active and aggressive in the fall.  Now more than ever they are landing on your soda can, walking around your front porch in search of sun and sneaking into your home through unsealed cracks and openings. For people and pets, bee stings can be quite alarming.  

First and foremost; why do bees seem so abundant in the fall? There are in fact more bees in the fall with fewer places to live.  Towards the end of summer and beginning of fall, bees are cramped for space, as living quarters become crowded.  Not to mention the weather is becoming colder, and without a warm living space, bees will be searching for warm areas of sun or an opportunity to squeeze into a small crevice that leads right to your home.

Bees are also in search of food right now, as their supply is running low.  This is when they are most likely to be willing to get a taste of your soda, land on your dessert or forage through garbage cans.

With more bees around, there is a greater opportunity for your pet to accidently cross paths during a romp in the grass or flower garden or even in your home. 

What To Do If A Bee Stings Your Dog

Insect stings may spell trouble for dogs, so it’s important to observe their behavior carefully.  “First and foremost, do not panic,” says Dr. Dina Rovere of Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital in Shrewsbury, “the most common symptom of a bee sting is swelling at the site. “ If your dog is chewing or pawing at the area and you can see the stinger, Dr. Rovere advises that you remove the stinger by pushing it out with a credit card and not squeezing the stinger with tweezers to remove it. “Squeezing the stinger could result in more venom coming out of the stinger sack,” she warns.  “Use a credit card or something firm to scrape it out.”  If you suspect or fear an allergic reaction, Dr. Rovere advises that you call your vet immediately for information on over the counter anti-histamines as well as proper dosages.

How To Prevent Bees From Entering Your Home This Fall

Prevention is always the best medicine.  Total Home Pest Control in NJ offers nest removal services for bees, wasps and other stinging insects.  We will do a thorough search to identify all sources of stinging insets.  Our NJ State certified and licensed technicians know where to look to find nests that are in obscure or hidden places.   Additionally, our technicians are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise.

The easiest method of bee control is prevention.  Call Total Home Pest Control in NJ at 732-938-3232 for the removal of nests on your property and prevent unnecessary stings this fall!  Fido and your family will thank you!

For more information about bee stings and pets, call Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital at (732) 268-8180.