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Jason and Jeremy Julio are identical twins that fortunately have spent a good majority of their lives together. These men were born and raised in Long Branch, NJ along with their younger brother. Being raised by a single mother taught these young men a few things about life, the value of hard work, and the nuisances that can come with living with 3 growing boys all in a small space! Luckily, as part of their household chores, the value of teamwork was instilled in Jason and Jeremy as they grew and they quickly learned to keep a tidy house as to help avoid household pests. After graduating high school the brothers endeavored to achieve greater things by attaining undergraduate and graduate degrees in education. In college again the brothers, living with a handful of other students in one home, were able to apply their methods of housework and teamwork to stave off pests. They learned, however even the best intentions at times won’t ward off all pests all the time. It was here that the notion of a pest control company started to formulate in their minds. It would be a few chapters later in their lives they embarked on Total Homes sister company, Last Bite Mosquito Control and then eventually affecting the dreamt about, Total Home Pest Control! As founders of Total Home Pest Control Jason and Jeremy find themselves together still, and fortunately for the brothers and their customers that hard work, determination, and integrity is at the core of their service and business mottos.

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