Bed Bugs Are Still A Problem In NJ Even As Travel Decreases

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Monmouth and Ocean County residents are doing less travel due to COVID-19; however, calls for a bed bug exterminator remain high.  Before virus warnings dominated the newspaper headlines, bedbugs enjoyed the spotlight.  There was much more information circulating about how to check for bed bugs, how to prevent an infestation and how to get rid of them.  It’s like the old saying goes, ‘Out of site, out of mind.’  Just when we let our guards down, they take over and multiply right in our own bedrooms.

If you are travelling, it is still very important to inspect for bed bugs in your hotel room before settling in.  All you need is a small flashlight (you can use the flashlight on your phone) to start inspecting.   The mattress is the most common place you’ll find them, so that is a good place to start.  Inspect the mattress and your sheets thoroughly.  Bed bugs leave behind bloodstains that look like rust. You may find them on the mattress as opposed to the sheets if your room has just been cleaned and the linens were changed.  Check the corners and edges of the mattress for stains.  As for the bugs themselves, they are small, but visible.  They may be about the size of an apple seed or smaller.  Inspect all around the bed, underneath and behind it as well.  Bed bugs like small crevices. 

After inspecting the bed thoroughly, examine the furniture in the room, especially inside any drawers where you may have put clothes.  Upholstered chairs are also hotspots for bed bugs. After your inspection, you may place your suitcase on top of the dresser and unpack.  

Upon returning home, place all clothes in the wash immediately and dry on high heat.  It is the heat that kills the bed bugs.  If you have items that don’t need to be washed but you want to make sure there aren’t any bed bugs on them, simply place in the drier with the high heat setting.  Vacuum the inside of your suitcase and then empty the contents of the vacuum into an airtight bag and dispose immediately.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, call the bed bug exterminators at Total Home Pest Control in NJ.  We will send a qualified technician to assess the situation and provide you with a complimentary consultation and estimate. 

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