How to Get Rid of Little Brown Bats In Your House

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The sight of a bat zooming around your house or hanging upside down in your attic can be daunting.   Our first reaction may be to scream, duck or cover our heads.  None of these reactions, however, correspond to a bat’s actual behavior.

Contrary to popular belief, bats do not attack humans. Bats eat insects, and are most likely hanging around your home because there is a good source nearby. In the winter, bats retire from insect hunting and hibernate.  And since bats are plentiful in New Jersey, it’s not uncommon to find one hibernating in the attic, a dark wall space or closet.  

So what do you do if you think you have a bat in your home? You might be surprised to learn that bats are protected under the NJ endangered and Nongame Species Conservation Act, making it illegal trap or kill them. Don’t worry though; this doesn’t mean that you have to roll out the red carpet for your new attic tenant. 

If you’ve discovered a small brown bat in your home, attic or wall space, call Total Home Pest Control as soon as possible.  We will devise a plan to safely remove the bat as well as prevent others from ever entering your home again.  The prevention of bats entering your home (referred to as bat exclusion) is critical, because there are only two months out of the year that NJ pest control companies can remove them.  These months include all of March and then again from August 1st  to October 15th.  So even if you’ve never had a bat problem, you should contact us about our Bat Exclusion Services now to ensure you never do.

The safety of your family as well as the wellbeing of wildlife is our top priority.  Our service experts are skilled in the safe removal of bats from your home and we will also ensure that you never have a bat problem again. 

If you’ve noticed bats around your home, be proactive so they don’t end up IN your home.  First, give us a call and schedule a Bat Exclusion service appointment.  We will inspect and reinforce the exterior of your home to ensure bats cannot enter.   Second, put up bat boxes a distance from your property to give these nighttime dwellers a desirable place to take up residency, rather than your home.  Third, minimize light sources around your home at night.  Lights attract insects, which in turn attract hungry bats.  

Not sure what type of wildlife critter is hiding in your home?  We can help determine that as well.  Call Total Home Pest Control at 732-938-3232.