Preparing For Fall Pest Prevention

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When the summer comes to an end and leaves begin to change color, you know that autumn has arrived. But in addition to pumpkins, apple picking and all the other fun fall activities comes an increased threat of fall pests. Common pests in New Jersey that try to wreak havoc in our homes during the cool fall season are mice, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, and spiders among many others. Why are they moving in? When the weather gets cold, many pests are seeking a place that offers shelter, food and/or water so that they can make it through the cold New Jersey winters. But the good news is that even though there are many critters looking to get into your home, there are also many way to prevent fall infestations.  stinkbug

Here are a few of our best fall pest prevention tips to keep your home pest-free this fall and winter:

  1. Reduce entry points by sealing off any cracks, holes or crevices along the foundation or around windows and doors. Fall pests are most likely coming inside from the cold but if they cannot find a way in, they will not become a problem in your home.
  2. Remove vegetation that is growing close to or touching the exterior of the home as this creates a ‘bridge ‘that pests can use to get closer to the home. Tree branches, bushes and shrubs should all be kept trimmed back so they are not touching the side of the home.
  3. Reduce areas of clutter inside of your home as this will help to reduce areas where pests can go under the radar. Boxes and bins full of belongings, piles of newspapers and magazines, and clothes on the floor are all great places for spiders and other fall pests to hide.
  4. Keep the interior of the home clean including regular vacuuming, wiping the kitchen counters, deep cleaning under and behind kitchen appliances. All of these household ‘chores’ are a great way to eliminate food sources and harborage for fall pests.
  5. Be cautious of items that are brought into the home, especially firewood. Another easy way to let pests in is to literally carry them in. Firewood as well as patio furniture and outside toys are perfect homes for some critters which is why you should always inspect the items that are coming inside.
  6. Don’t forget about your pest control services every other month to really help battle the fall pests this year. Total Home Signature Pest Protection plan is a year round pest control service to eliminate and prevent all of the common household pests in New Jersey. In addition, Total Home Pest Controls one-time treatments are a great way to eliminate those pesky insects and rodents that were able to get into your home despite your best efforts to keep them out.


For more information on Total home pest control services to prevent pests this fall and throughout the entire year, please contact our New Jersey pest control professionals today!